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Hair growth oil

Now available in unscented for those who want to pair it with a scented product. Introducing an all-natural, non-gmo hair growth oil. Do you have bald and thinning edges? Do you have bald spots? Do you suffer from psoriasis? Does your child have cradle cap? Any type of hair fungus can be cured using this product.This oil contains eight amazing ingredients that promote vibrant, full, and healthy hair growth. We all can't have bottom length hair, but there is no reason why we can't achieve healthy hair. Excellent for hair fungal infections. This oil can be used as a daily scalp moisturizer, hot oil treatment, or pre-poo. detailed directions and tips are included. Bottle is 4oz. and includes a dropper. The results speak for themselves! Try the oil or powder today! Note: The powder you must make into a paste yourself and apply to damaged areas.